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Micro Astrology

Flip Side of Moon and Jupiter Yuti

As we know, Moon-Jupiter combination is known as Gaj Kesri Yoga, which is considered much auspicious in general. In fiery sign, this yoga has been observed giving good results. Besides, good points in this combo, there are some negative results also which are as under :

a) Financial crisis/ failure/ prey of debt I.e. Professional instability / problem / often change in job upto 36 years of life.

b) Happiness of / from Mother is not good. Sometimes, native can not relish happiness, success or progress by the end of life of mother. Besides, mental tension continues.

c) Problem related to Police, Court or Hospital.

d) Stubbornness, Authoritativeness etc of high degree of native make him oblivious of the concerns of others and such approach causes tension on domestic or marital front.
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