Marriage Astrology

Delay in Marriage ? Failure in Marriage Negotiation ? Does Delay in Marriage shows Negation of Marriage ? At what age or in Which Year Marriage will take Place ? Marriage Relationship When ? Why Marriage So Late? Will I be Married?  These are some questions which come to mind when marriage is get delayed inordinately.




It is will of Almighty that one gets married in very early age without any hassle while other, who is in far better condition, has yet to crave for getting married. However, in these days, late marriage (in comparison to earlier times) has become common. It’s so because prospective bride and groom have become career oriented. Once entering in job, they prefer to come in comfortable condition first. In all these things, generally they are to gain around 30 years of age. Naturally, if one is well settled in career he / she will prefer to choose partner of same status and for want of suitable candidate having status and social parity, time of marriage slowly-slowly gets lingered. And, as such, in few cases, prospective bride or groom approaches 40 years of age. Daily we come across with such person whose marriage get delayed due to settlement in career or being choosy.

At one level whatever has been mentioned above may be reason of late marriage but in astrology there is a quite different explanation which is made out on studying the planetary position and condition in the horoscope. In astrology there is method to check delay, late or even denial of marriage that can be foretold well before. Here under is an example of delayed marriage of a Male native running in his 40th year.

This is horoscope of Virgo Ascendant and Pisces sign is rising in the seventh house. Lord of House of Matrimonial matters is Jupiter in the horoscope. Jupiter is placed in Scorpio sign with 12L - Sun and is being aspected by 6L – Saturn. That is, Jupiter is under the influence lords of two Trik houses. Besides, Ketu is aspecting House and Lord of Marriage. Such planetary signatures are not favourable for marriage purpose. However, Jupiter, the seventh house lord, is aspecting its own house. This is one good thing that indicates the promise of marriage.

In male horoscope, Venus is chief significator of marriage. Position of Venus in fourth house is not good for marriage (as per Lal Kitab). Further, it is in Sagittarius (barren) sign which indicates delay in marriage and progeny prospect but assures for good wife. Venus with Lagnesh-Karmesh Mercury in fourth house is hemmed between malefics. This paap kartari situation to Venus and Mercury impedes the matters of matrimonial happiness, domestic affairs, professional growth and self-growth. Placement of Rahu in 5th House from Ascendant and 7th from Moon is also not so favourable and usually this planet delays the matter and creates complications and issues between couple. Saturn is aspecting Moon who is conjoined with Ketu. Both luminaries are under saturnine influence.

Saturn is aspecting 7th house lord and at the same time Sun and Saturn are in mutual aspect. In lal Kitab it has been mentioned that when Sun aspects Saturn, the significations of Venus get spoiled. Sspoiling of significations of Venus may lead frustration marriage related matters. Simultaneously, Hindu astrology principles convince that presence of natural BENEFIC Jupiter in between Sun and Saturn should save from disastrous or extreme result in this regard.

Likewise, concerned divisional chart (D-9) may also be studied. In brief, In Navamsha Chart and Rashi Tulya Navamsha chart, Saturn (the planet of delay) is in 7th House. The Lord of seventh house in Rashi chart i.e Jupiter is debilitated in the D-9 chart.

As thus, it may be concluded that native is promised to get married but there are many factors available in his horoscope which are delaying the matters and depriving the native enjoying the fruits of House of Marriage.