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Importance of Second House in the matter of Livelihood from the view point of Jaimini


When we put the Jaimini Karaka in their order - Atma Karaka, Amatya Karaka, Bhratri Karaka, Matri Karaka, Putra Karaka, Gyati Karaka, Dara Karaka, we see AK is meant for 1st House, AMK is for 2H, BK is for 3H, MK is for 4H, PK is for 5H, GK for 6H and DK is for7H.

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Jaimini Astrology is different from Parashari Astrology.   So far, research works have not been done on Jaimini Astrology so meticulously. Because the Sutras are in encrypted form and it is difficult to understand. Yet whatever is understood through these sutras is satisfactory to some extent.  In Jaimini Astrology, concept of aspect, Karaka, Dasha etc are quite different.

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जैमिनी कारक का क्रम, जो इस प्रकार है – आत्मकारक, अमात्यकारक, भ्रातृकारक, मातृकारक, पुत्रकारक, ज्ञातिकारक, दाराकारक, को देखें तो पाएंगे इन कारकों का संबंध क्रमशः प्रथम भाव, द्वीतीय भाव, तृतीय भाव, चतुर्थ भाव, पंचम भाव, षष्ठ भाव और सप्तम भाव से है।  

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-By B.K. Kumar


In Jaimini System, whenever we talk about dasha, it implies dasha of sign like Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. i.e. Rashi Dasha. In this system, Chara Dasha has its own importance as it is unconditional dasha which is applicable for all horoscopes. Chara Dasha begins from sign rising in the Lagna. Suppose Aries sign is rising in the Lagna, first Mahadasha will be of Aries. Likewise, the sequence of Antara, Pratyantara etc will be in the same manner. In a particular sign dasha first antaradasha, pratyantardasha etc will of that particular sign.

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