KP Astrology

-By B.K. Kumar

In Stellar Astrology (Nakshatra Paddhati Jyotish) a planet is supposed to give its results as per (a) Stellar Status and (b) Positional Status.


Stellar Status: Every planet by default has stellar status and offers results as per the significations of its Star Lord. For example, Venus is in Mars Nakshatra. As per stellar status, Venus will offer result of those houses of which Mars is significator.


Positional Status: A planet is said to have Positional Status when (a) the planet happens to be in its own Nakshatra e.g Mars is in Mrigshira (Mars ruled) Nakshatra and (b) no planets happen to be in the Nakshatra of that planet e.g. Mars will have Positional Status when no planet happens to be in the Nakshatra of Mars (Mrigshira, Chitra or Dhanishtha).


Significator: Significator is that who signifies. A planet is said to be significator of particular house when it has capability of offering result of that house. As thus, we may say that a planet becomes Significator of a house due to its Stellar Status and / or Positional Status. A planet may be significator of high, medium or low ord.


Sequence (in order of strength) of Significators in KP

(1) Planet in Ocupant’s Star.
(2) Occupant (if it has Positional Status i.e No Planet in the Occupant’s Star)
(3) Planet in House Lord’s Nakshatra provided house is vacant.
(4) House Lord (if House Lord has Positional Status i.e. No planet in the Nakshatra of House Lord) and house is vacant.
(5) Planet in Conjunction with the Significator Planet.
(6) Planet aspecting the Significator Planet or respective house.