Remedial Astrology

In Vedic Scripture Mantra has been defined as 'Mananat trayate iti mantrah'.  That is, repetition & contemplation (mananat) of which, one overcomes or get protected from bondage, troubles, cycles of birth, death etc (trayate) is (iti) called Mantra.  In Tantra system, Mantra (Pimkhalamata) has been defined as  “Mananam Vishwa vigyanam Tranam Samsar bandhanat Yatah Karoti Samsiddhi Mantra Ityuchyate tah”. Contemplation on universal knowledge liberates from Samsarik bandages and thus physical & spiritual Siddhis are achieved, it is the Manta.  Mantras have been introduced to human by our Seers (Rishis) who were Drashta.  In their deep meditation, they became acquainted with the vibration of mantas.  They noticed that everything in the universe has a particular sound vibration, which can be heard in meditative states.  Further also, they understood the form of sound vibrations and their role in cosmic mechanism.
A Mantra is a sound formula, and divine syllables which when repeated sincerely for enough times with the right intonation, devotional feeling and concentration of mind, the latent power in that particular mantra gets invoked and brings change in the vibrations on the astral body, neutralizes or transforms the negative effects of bad karmas of past indicated by the adverse planetary influences in the horoscope.

Mantras are divine sound formula transferred by Rishis to their disciples for producing spiritual vibrations and achieving spiritual purposes.  They instructed how to chant mantras so that desirable vibration can be produced and get aligned with the vibration of higher self.  Our Rishis had experienced that repetition of different Mantras for different number of times produce ample vibrations required for the purpose and alignment with particular kind of vibration.  
When a Mantra is repeated in prescribed way with adoration and centered mind, desired vibrations produce and start working on respective chakras and nadis.  These vibrations communicate to etheric double body through chakra.  Etheric double communicates with Etheric body which also transcends these vibrations to astral body wherein karmic codes are operating.  So, vibrations created by mantras ultimately communicate with karmic code and soul.  

On repetition of mantras for prescribed number of times, the vibrations present in Karmic code begin to get affected.  This is the very secret of functioning of Mantras.  Therefore, repetition of Mantra is the way to modify the vibration present in our astral body.  This is the reason why it has been said that Mantra chanting is a powerful tool to transform or neutralize negative vibration (caused by our bad deeds in past) present in and around the astral body.  
Our Past deeds create a particular type of sound, color and energy pattern in astral body and mind.  These patterns, more or less, are the patterns present in Karmic Code.  As per the patterns of karmic code, in our life we attract events and situations of similar vibratory pattern. It is so because, likewise energy attracts likewise energy.  
In astrology, there is methodology to identify the patterns of karmic code.  Planet, Nakshatra, Rashi, Cusp, Bhava etc are factors employed to assess the pattern of destiny.  In astrology, whether it is Sign, Star, Cusp or Bhava, each finds its expression through Planet.  Planet is key of astrology.  Each Planet has certain kind of vibration and energy.  Sign, Star, Cusp, Bhava etc modify the planet it’s  nature and behavior.  So in a horoscope, sincere study of planetary nature and its behavioural aspects are of great importance.  It is the way or tool for an astrologer to find out the pattern of energy level and vibration in the microcosm of an individual.  Once energy pattern of destiny is diagnosed, the astrologer suggests mantra for chanting so that individual can create likewise vibration to get aligned with pattern of energy content of destiny.  Likewise, if negative energy pattern is found to be working on microcosmic level, the native is suggested to chant mantra for certain number of times to modify the negative energy pattern.   If we understand ourselves, we will understand our power.  This power is capable to alter the predetermined events.
General Instruction for Recitation of Mantra
Mantra of planet should be started when Moon transits in the constellation owned by the planet.  Mantra should be recited with deep reverence, sincerity and correct pronounciation. Every planetary mantra should be recited for specific times over a period of time for getting desired results.  It is advisable that does not decrease the number of recitation once it has been increased.  While there is no restriction on increasing the number of recitation.


(To be continued)