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Difference Between Rashi Chart and Bhava Chart
 What is Rashi Chart and Bhava Chart
(Excerpts from write up of Shri S.P. Khullar)
Rashi Chart:
The Rashi chart indicates the degree rising in the Eastern horizon at the time of the happening of the event(may be the birth of a person).It also indicates the actual zodiacal positions of all Planets in particular Signs.For practical purposes an Astrologer uses this to determine the modification of the Planets behaviour as per their zodiacal positions.At higher level the Ascdt indicates the quantum of energy that has been apportioned to the native for the current incarnation.Planetary positions as per their zodiacal positions relate to various past karmas and future dispositions.More than this we do not make use of the Rashi chart.

Bhava Chart:
The chart is cast using Placidius System. Here the lordship of the house is decided by the actual degree rising on the cusp. Similarly the placement of a planet in Bhava chart is decided as per the longitude of the planet vis-à-vis the longitude of the cusp.

For predictive purposes we use only the Bhava Chart both for considering the placement of Planets as well as cuspal interlinks.We invariably have a cuspal chart which is based on the cuspal positions of various cusps as per Placidius System.This indicates the Sign,Star,Sub,and Sub-Sub rising on the cusps.This Sign determines the lordship of the house.

.....The Traditionalists invariably believe in the correspondence between the signs and the houses. Aries, for example, symbolizes the characteristics of first house. To me the relationship between signs and houses is more often the relationship of spirit and matter. As spirit – the true self – is not subjected to the vagaries of weather or the strifes and struggles of life so do the signs, which are permanent storehouse of energy obtained from the fixed stars. Houses, on the other hand, are concrete expressions of mundane affairs of life in the physical body. They may be equated to matter - the body – which operates under the law of ultimate dissolution and the signs with the inner man. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of god, and that the spirit of god dwelth in you?”

The Ascendant or what we call as lagna is formed at the time of birth as per the degree of the zodiac rising in the eastern horizon at that time and place. The selection of the time of birth is controlled by the life giving planet Sun [self ] and Moon [Non-self ]and the positions of planets in the various but specified degrees of the Zodiac. As Varahamihira said, "The planets offer a lawful channel for the outward operations of cause-effect equilibriums that man has set into motion in the past as a free agent." That is planets occupy specific position in the Zodiac and in the houses to reflect our past karmas. Our soul or inner mind is carrier of our karmas, both past and present but it is our body, which is responsible for the execution of karma or bear the fruits of our past and present karmas. Thus, we may say houses bear direct linkage to our destiny while the planets in the signs refer to our inner mind. In other words, planets in signs indicate with what capabilities or characteristics our soul has incarnated.

How beautiful or boring is a film depends upon the quality of the script, the talent of the actors etc. Similarly the strength of nativity, no doubt, depends upon the strength of the planets as per sign and house position. But how logical it is to say if a sign is afflicted by a malefic like Rahu or Saturn that it will cause the body to suffer from diseases signified by that sign. Rahu or Saturn remains in a sign for a pretty long time. Will every body suffer similar disease? It may not even be correct to say the same for the placement of the planet in house position.
The significance of the Bhava chart has been explained on Page 28 of my Book KCIl (revised).It is reproduced here:

The chart is cast using Placidius System. Here the lordship of the house is decided by the actual degree rising on the cusp. Similarly the placement of a planet in Bhava chart is decided as per the longitude of the planet vis-à-vis the longitude of the cusp.

To sum up I may say that the nature of a Planet is modified by its Zodiacal position. We say that a Planet exalts at a particular degree in a particular Sign because the energy content of that particular degree synchronizes with the nature of energy content of the Planet.
Absence of a Sign in the Bhava chart only indicates that the lord of the sign has not been allowed the sign lord ship in the Bhava chart. It in no way affects the nature of the Planet. For studying the nature of result a Planet provides we only look for its occupation in the Bhava chart, if the Planet has PS.
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