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Nadi Astrology
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Basic Principles of Nadi System
Rashi Chart: In Nadi System, Rashi Chart is used.  No divisional chart is used except Navamsha Chart in Advanced Nadi System.
Directional Chart: Directional chart is used.  Planets in same direction are considered together in this chart.

Horary Chart:  At the time of consultation, Hora Chart is prepared and analyzed for assessing promise etc.

Rotated Chart:  consideration on Jupiter rotation is very essential in this system.  Rotated chart of Jupiter is of prime importance used for timing the event. Jupiter remains in one sign for a period of 11.86 yrs. (12 years approx). During this period of 12 years, it moves from one sign to the other sign approximately in one year.  

House System: No House System (like Placidus, Sripati) is used.  

Yoga: Planets in same director forms Yoga.

Significations: Each aspect of life is considered from planets.  Significations of planets as well as signs are used in delineation of the Nadi chart.

Relationship of Planets: A planet makes relationship (Sambandh) with other planets.  Planets in trine establish relationship as if they are conjunct.  A planet in a sign gets modified as per its position in 2nd and 12th sign from it.  Planet(s) in 2nd sign indicates the nature of matter of signified by the planet in consideration. And planet(s) in 12th sign indicates whether it is supporting the matters signified by the planet in consideration or not.  A planet in 7th to the planet under consideration indicates the modification of the matter signified by the planet.  In this condition, as per law of polarity, it is understood that planet under consideration has acquired the quality of planet in the 7th sign.  A planet ahead transfers its signification to the planet under consideration.

Planetary Condition: Exaltation, Debilitation, Retrogression are taken into account.  Theory of dispositor and sign exchange of planets are also considered.  The concept of planetary friendship and enmity is also employed.

Transit of major planets:  Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are considered.  Transiting Jupiter and Saturn indicate the fructification and nature of yoga formed in directional chart while transiting Rahu and Ketu indicate distress or obstacle in yoga.

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