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Astrological Remedies

(Astral Remedy, Jyotish & Upaay)


In my articles several times i have repeated that an individual can shape his destiny by applying his wisdom-guided-freewill. These are not my words. These are words of Rishi-Muni who propounded Vedic Astrology on understanding the cosmic mechanism and functioning of cosmic components including human. There are references that Mani, Mantra & Ratna can bring betterment in life. To what extent betterment will come, it is dependant on encryption of destiny reflecting in a true horoscope.


Astral remedy comprises Mantra, Puja, Japa Yajna (Homa, Havana), Charity or Daan (donation), Fasting, Tantra, Yantra / Kavach (amulet or taweej, talisman), Meditation, Reiki . Mantra is group of mysteriously coded Shabda which have great viberational value. Mantra is a pious way to get desirable results in life which are in highest good. It brings betterment in life somewhat like holistic medicine and treatment in case of health. Puja, Yagya, Prayer, Daan, Fasting, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Simple Lifestyle etc are always recommendable. These are taken as preventive method to keep away the problems.


Tantra is a technique to understand the subtle energy mechanism. Tantra is quite effective remedial measure. It shows quick result like an allopathic medicine supposed to work in the case of ill health and pain. It removes obstacles and brings desirable results. Yantra is expresion of subtle energy power in diagram. It is one of the cardinal principles of Tantra. It is the best remedy for problem that is going to be solved in the long period. It is quite helpful particularly when a person cannot perform Mantra, Tantra and other remedies due to some constraints.

Besides, there are other remedies which are applied in Vedic Astrology for getting favourable results in life. These are Gems, Stones, Metals, Rudraksha, Crystals, Colour Therapy,Vastu , Feng Sui etc. Gems, Stones, Metals, Rudraksha etc are common remedial measure and it works in life as medicine does to strengthen immune system in the body. These are prescribed to defeat the problems and struggles in life. Vastu, Feng Sui, Colours etc are also helpful astral remedies. These things teach us to live in harmony with outside energy. These things work in life like aerobics in the case of health.

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