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Micro Astrology

Mantra Japa Homa
In Vedic Scripture Mantra has been defined as 'Mananat trayate iti mantrah'.  That is, repetition & contemplation (mananat) of which, one overcomes or get protected from bondage, troubles, cycles of birth, death etc (trayate) is (iti) called Mantra.  In Tantra system, Mantra (Pimkhalamata) has been defined as  “Mananam Vishwa vigyanam Tranam Samsar bandhanat Yatah Karoti Samsiddhi Mantra Ityuchyate tah”. Contemplation on universal knowledge liberates from Samsarik bandages and thus physical & spiritual Siddhis are achieved, it is the Manta.  Mantras have been introduced to human by our Seers (Rishis) who were Drashta.  In their deep meditation, they became acquainted with the vibration of mantas.  They noticed that everything in the universe has a particular sound vibration, which can be heard in meditative states.  Further also, they understood the form of sound vibrations and their role in cosmic mechanism.
A Mantra is a sound formula, and divine syllables which when repeated sincerely for enough times with the right intonation, devotional feeling and concentration of mind, the latent power in that particular mantra gets invoked and brings change in the vibrations on the astral body, neutralizes or transforms the negative effects of bad karmas of past indicated by the adverse planetary influences in the horoscope.

Mantras are divine sound formula transferred by Rishis to their disciples for producing spiritual vibrations and achieving spiritual purposes.  They instructed how to chant mantras so that desirable vibration can be produced and get aligned with the vibration of higher self.  Our Rishis had experienced that repetition of different Mantras for different number of times produce ample vibrations required for the purpose and alignment with particular kind of vibration.  
When a Mantra is repeated in prescribed way with adoration and centered mind, desired vibrations produce and start working on respective chakras and nadis.  These vibrations communicate to etheric double body through chakra.  Etheric double communicates with Etheric body which also transcends these vibrations to astral body wherein karmic codes are operating.  So, vibrations created by mantras ultimately communicate with karmic code and soul.  

On repetition of mantras for prescribed number of times, the vibrations present in Karmic code begin to get affected.  This is the very secret of functioning of Mantras.  Therefore, repetition of Mantra is the way to modify the vibration present in our astral body.  This is the reason why it has been said that Mantra chanting is a powerful tool to transform or neutralize negative vibration (caused by our bad deeds in past) present in and around the astral body.  
Our Past deeds create a particular type of sound, color and energy pattern in astral body and mind.  These patterns, more or less, are the patterns present in Karmic Code.  As per the patterns of karmic code, in our life we attract events and situations of similar vibratory pattern. It is so because, likewise energy attracts likewise energy.  
In astrology, there is methodology to identify the patterns of karmic code.  Planet, Nakshatra, Rashi, Cusp, Bhava etc are factors employed to assess the pattern of destiny.  In astrology, whether it is Sign, Star, Cusp or Bhava, each finds its expression through Planet.  Planet is key of astrology.  Each Planet has certain kind of vibration and energy.  Sign, Star, Cusp, Bhava etc modify the planet it’s  nature and behavior.  So in a horoscope, sincere study of planetary nature and its behavioural aspects are of great importance.  It is the way or tool for an astrologer to find out the pattern of energy level and vibration in the microcosm of an individual.  Once energy pattern of destiny is diagnosed, the astrologer suggests mantra for chanting so that individual can create likewise vibration to get aligned with pattern of energy content of destiny.  Likewise, if negative energy pattern is found to be working on microcosmic level, the native is suggested to chant mantra for certain number of times to modify the negative energy pattern.   If we understand ourselves, we will understand our power.  This power is capable to alter the predetermined events.
General Instruction for Recitation of Mantra
Mantra of planet should be started when Moon transits in the constellation owned by the planet.  Mantra should be recited with deep reverence, sincerity and correct pronounciation. Every planetary mantra should be recited for specific times over a period of time for getting desired results.  It is advisable that donot decrease the number of recitation once it has been increased.  WHile there is no restriction on increasing the number of recitation.
(To be continued)

Mantra for each planet
Surya (Sun) Image  7000 times
Surya Yantra
Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah
Bhaskaraya Vidmahe mahadutyathikaraya deemahi
Tanmo Aditya prachodayat
Chandra (Moon) Image 11000 times
Chandra Yantra
Om Shram Shrim Shraum Sah Chandramase Namah
Padma Dwajaya Vidmahe Hemaroopaya deemahi
Tanmaspoma prachodayat

Mangal / Kuja (Mars) Image 10000 times
Mangal Yantra
 Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah
Seera Dwajaya Vidmahe vittahastaya deemahi
Tanmo Bhowma prachodayat
Bhudha (Mercury) Image 4000 times
Budha Yantra
Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhaya Namah

Rowgineyaya vidmahe chandraputraya deemahi
Tanmo Bhada prachodayat

Guru (Jupiter) Image 19000 times
Guru Yantra
Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Brihaspatye Namah
Vrushba dwajaya vidmahe Grunihastaya deemahi
Tanmo Guru prachodayat

Shukra (Venus) Image  6000 times
Shukra Yantra
Om Dram Drim Draum Sah Shukraya Namah
Tatpurushaya vidmahe swetavarnaya deemahi
Tannasukra prachodayat

Shani (Saturn) Image  23000 times  
Shani Yantra
Om Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah
Kaka dwajaya vidmahe khadgahastaya deemahi
Tanmo manta prachodayat

Rahu (Dragon Head) Image 18000 times
Rahu Yantra
Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah
Nakadwajaya vidmahe padmahastaya deemahi
Tanmo Rahu prachodayat

Ketu (Dragon Tail) Image 18000 times
Ketu Yantra
Om Sram Srim Sraum Sah Ketve Namah
Aswadwajaya vidmahe soolahastaya deemahi
Tannuketu prachodayat

Know to please the planet
Worship ruling deity Lord Shiva
Recite Adityahrudayam daily or Gayatri mantra
Japa to be completed in 40 days
Recite the Surya stothra.
Donate wheat or sugar candy on Sundays
Fasting on Sunday
Rudrabhishekam to be performed
Wear Eka Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha
Offer prayer with red flowers and red sandal etc., every day.

Worship ruling deity Goddess Gouri
Recite Annapurna stothra
Japa to Chandra to 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
Recite Chandra stothra
Donate cow's milk or rice on Mondays
Observe fasting on Mondays
Pray sincerely Goddess Durga Devi
Wear two facet Rudraksha

Worship the ruling deities of Kartikeya and Lord Shiva
Recite the stothras of Kartikeya or Shiva
Japa to Kuja 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
Donate Masoor dal on Tuesdays
Worship Kartikeya
Wear 3 Mukhi Rudraksha
Recite the mantra 11,000 times and offerings are red sandal and red flower.

Worship Lord Vishnu
Recite Vishnusahsranamam regularly
Japa to Buda 17,000 times in 40 days
Recite Budha stothra
Donate Ragi or Green Gram on Wednesday
Fasings on Wednesdays
Wear four mukhi Rudraksha
Mantra to be recited with various colors of flowers

Worship Lord Shiva
Recite Sri Rudram
Japa to Guru 19,000 time in 40 days
Recite guru stothra
Donate Safforan, Turmeric or sugar on Thursdays
Fasting on Thursdays
Wear five facets Rudraksha
Recite Moola mantra for 19,000 times along with pooja with Kesar, Sandal and yellow flowers

Worship Goddess Shakthi
Recite Shree Sooktam Devi Stuti
Japa to Sukra
Recite Sukra stothra
Donate clothes, milk or curd to a woman on Fridays
Wear 6 facets Rudraksha
Mantra should be recited 16,000 times and pooja must be done only with white flowers and white sandal

Worship Lord Hanuman
Recite Hanuman Chalisa
Japa to be performed to Sani
Recite Sani stothra regularly
Donate black oil on Saturday
Fasting on Saturdays
Wear 7 facets Rudraksha
Recite the Moola mantra for 19,000 times

Worship Lord Shiva
Recite Kalabhairavashtakam
Japa to be performed to Lord Rahu
Recite Rahu stothra
Observe fasting on Saturdays
Wear 8 facets Rudraksha
Moola mantra must be recited 18,000 times

Worship Lord Ganesh
Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama stothra and also Shiva Panchakshari
Perform japa to Ketu
Recite Ketu Moola mantra
Donate mustered seeds on Thursdays
Moola mantra should be recited for 17,000 times and the pooja should be performed with ash colored flower and sandal.
Janma Rashi -wise Favourable Mantras
The sign of Moon where it is placed in the horoscope is known as Janma Rashi.  So, Janma Rashi and Moon Rashi are same.
Mesha Rashi                Om Hreem Sreem Lakshminarayana Namaha
Vrishabha Rashi         Om Gopalaya Uttara Dwajaya Namaha
Mithuna Rashi             Om Kleem Krishnayana Namaha
Karka Rashi                 Om Hiranyagarbha avyaktya roopene Namaha
Simha Rashi                Om Kleem brahmane jagadadharaya namaha
Kanya Rashi                Om Preem peetambaraya namaha
Tula Rashi                    Om Tatva niranjnaya tarakaramaya namaha
Vrischika Rashi          Om Naayanaya surasihaya namaha
Dhanu Rashi                Om Srideva krushnaya oorthishitaya namaha
Makara Rashi              Om Vatsalaya namaha
Kumbha Rashi            Om Sri upendraya atchyutaya namaha
Meena Rashi               Om Kleem uthritaya vuddarene namaha

Yajna and Puja

Yagya and Puja are traditional forms of Vedic worship to specific Deities or planets.  his method of astrological remedy is emphasized on the classical Jyotish scriptures.  God is the ultimate controller of the planets and dispenser of karma, and everything is possible under his/her grace. There is a very advance knowledge in the Vedic tradition about how to invoke a specific Deity or one of the manifestations or powers of God trough the proper ritual and mantras.  y this act, the Deity representing the planet is invoked, invited to come and is served by offerings of a special seat, foods, flowers, clothing, water, milk, ornaments, jewels, light, fire, incense, and other sacred objects. There are specific powerful mantras in the form of Vedic hymns for invoking those energies.

The sincerity of the worshipper in wanting to purify his mind and ego is very important.  The Puja is a simpler ritual that any person with a little training and sincere intention can do, whereas the Yagyas are more sophisticated and elaborate rituals which should be conducted by a traditional Vedic priest, who does the offerings and rituals in the name of the worshipper is important to say that from the Yogic point of view, the highest for of worship is when the intention is to surrender totally to God’s will, without expecting anything.   In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that the worship of gods with the sole purpose to fulfill the material personal desires is done by people of “small intelligence”.  The highest devotee prays: “Thy will be done, my lord”, please give me that which is for my highest good and not just what my ignorant mind wants!
 (To be continued)
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