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Divorce and Sepation

Indications of Divorce, Separation, unsuccessful marriage, Relationship Break, dissolution of marriage, talaak, end of spousal support in Vedic Astrology


In the contemporary age, the cases of divorce, separation or relation break has increased. There are many reasons which have made marriage partners to exit from the bond of marriage and getting absolved with the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage.


Given below is a horoscope of 42 years old male native whose marriage remained unsuccessful and both partner chose dissolution of marriage and end of spousal support.



This is horoscope of Dhanu Lagna. Lagnesh Jupiter is exalted but it is placed in the eighth house.

In the house of marriage Dual Sign Mithun is rising. Lord of house of spouse is placed in 5th House in Rahu-Ketu axis alongwith exalted bhagyesh Sun. Sixth house Lord Venus is placed in the house of marriage indicating dispute, litigation and dissolution of marriage.


Karka planet Venus is in Adra Nakshatra. Venus, in Shubh Kartari, is sandwiched with exalted planets. Female planet is being aspect by Saturn also.


Second House Saturn is placed in the house of domestic happiness where Vyayesh is aspecting. Dwadashes has aspect on lord of spouse also. Besides, eighth house influence is being channelized to fourth house by Sukhesh itself. But since it Jupiter’s own house so ultimately he will do maximum to flourish the signification of Sukh Sthan.


In Nvamsha, 7L Saturn is associated with Sun and Dwadashesh. Debilitated Mars is aspecting 7H. Venus is in 6H in Fiery Jupiterian Sign.


As thus, we’ve seen that in the given horoscope there is promise of divorce but simultaneously there is promise of second marriage also.


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