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How to Study a Horoscope

Horoscope Reading in Vedic Astrology

 - B.K. Kumar

Horoscope is like a snapshot of planetary position in Rashi and Bhava at the time of birth or event.  Planet's position  in  houses  rising in sing has great predictive value.  In Vedic Astrology there is developed methodology to know the past, present & future related to a native from his horoscope.  In an astrological chart, signs, houses, planets and their degree jointly make promises what are to be enjoyed by the native in his life. If there is no promise in the horoscope for a matter, native will never able to enjoy that thing in his this life.  For example, if there is no promise of marriage in the horoscope of a native, it means in this life he will have to deprive from the enjoyment of married life. Likewise is the case with rest of aspects of life – if it is promised only then the same will happen in life otherwise native will have to suffer for that matter.


For knowing the promise of anything in the horoscope, it is quite necessary to consider the same w.r.t ascendant and its lord.  These two should signify the matters.  Thereafter, promises should be checked from the concerned house and its lord including relevant houses and their lords.  Promise should be checked from Karaka Planet also.  It is worthy to mention that if Lagna, Lagnesh, Concerned house and it lord including relevant houses and their lords and Karaka Planet are linked fruitfully and bereft of any malefic influence, there is great chance that on appropriate Mahadasha, Antaradasha, Pratyantardasha the promise will fructify successfully in a natural way.  With linkage to all factors, if there is affliction on them, it is indication of delay & discord while without linkage and severe affliction on the said factors may be indication of negation. In Phaladeepika, Mantreshwar advocates to treat the House, under consideration for a matter, as Lagna and analyze the aspects in the horoscope.  Likewise, Karaka planet’s position also should be analyzed.  For confirmation of promise shown in the natal chart, there is strong recommendation of Maharshi Parashara for checking the same in the Navamsha chart and in concerned divisional chart in the same fashion what is adopted for studying the natal chart.

A house is understood unafflicted & powerful when it’s – (a) house lord finds his placement in his house, (b) house lord aspects his house (c) house lord finds exalted, MT, friendly or own sign (d) house lord and/ or his house is aspected by benefic planet (e) house lord gets placement in D-9 in exalted, MT, friendly or own sign or Vargottama (f) house lord and house get more points in Ashtakavarga (g) house lord and house get good shadabala, (h) house Lord and house are in Shubha Kartari or bereft of Paap Kartari (i) house lord is winner in planetary war or without involvement in Graha Yddha (j) house lord find his placement in friendly or relevant Nakshatra (k) house lord is not combusted or in Rashi Samdhi. (l) house lord is not under the influence of functional & natural malefic or Rahu-Ketu axis (eclipsed) or degree-wise aspect with malefic planets, (m) dispositor is in good condition and powerful. For assessing the strength of a planet, we should check the Awastha of planet viz, Balayadi, Diptadi etc.  Good Awastha of planet makes him  powerful for giving result in his jurisdiction.  In Balyadi Awastha, a planet from 12 degree to 18 degree is understood as strong. And in Deeptadi Awastha, a planet become powerful when it is exalted, Mool Trikon (MT), own sign (Swarashi) or friendly (Mitra) sign.  In opposite case, it loses power.   Opposite condition of planets in abovesaid points make house lord & house weak and shows negation or delay in fructification of the promise related that house lord or house.

For every different lagna, a planet, despite its natural significations , becomes functional benefic, malefic or neutral.  Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are natural malefic, Sun is Kroor Graha, Moon and Mercury are depentdant for being benefic or malefic, Jupiter and Venus are natural benefic. 6L, 8L & 12L are functional malefic.  Trishadayesh (3L, 6L, 11L) are also considered malefic.  In any horoscope that planet will called most functional malefic who is simultaneously lord of Trik and Trishaya houses. When a benefic planet becomes the lord of Kendra (1H, 4H, 7H or 10H) he loses his power to give benefic result due to Kendradhipati Dosha. While a malefic planet has to leave his maleficience  in this case.  Due to this dosha loss of shubhatva of shubha planet is definitely not good. But if a benefic planet is placed in Kendra without being the lord of Trik houses (6H/  8H/ 12H), it is good and in this condition that benefic planet gives benefic results.  When a benefic planet becomes the lord of Trika or Trishadaya houses or finds placement in these houses, he loses his power to give his natural benefic results. While when a malefic planet becomes lord of said houses or find placement in the said houses he has also to lose his natural power to give malefic results.  Here it is necessary to mention that 11th house is Upachaya Bhava and house of fulfillment and income also.  So for these matters, placement of planets/ lord in 11th house is considered good.  Somewhere it has been mentioned that for health this house/ house lord is not good.

In a horoscope Kendra houses are said to be Vishnu Sthan and Trikon houses are called Lakshami Sthan.  Lagna is Kendra as well as Trikona houses.  So it contains both Vishnu tatwa and Laxmi tatwa.  Trikon houses and their lords are always considered necessarily benefic.  This is why it is said that Lagnesh always gives good & benefic results even if he is simultaneously Trika lord.  The lord of Trika house(s) wherever posit(s), spoil(s) the significations of that house except his owned house.  Likewise whichever planet gets placement in the Trik house or association with Trik house lord, he has to suffer and lose his significations. However, it is said that Sun and Moon are befreft of this dosha. 2L, 8L and 12L are called to be neutral, if it is placed somewhere alone.  In case of his placement with other planet(s), these lords acquire the signification of influencing planet(s). If a planet is lord of Kendra and simultaneously it is lord of trine house also, that planet is called Yogakaraka.  It is understood that Yogakarka planet bhaves like exalted planet and gives result accordingly.  Likewise happens in the case of Vargottama planet(s).  A planet is said Vargottama when in Navamsha also it gets placement in the same sign.  Planet having digabala, gives good result. A planet gains digbala (directional strength) when it finds placement in certain house (not sign). Jupiter & Mercury get digbala in Lagna.  Sun & Mars in 10 H, Saturn in 7H and Moon & Venus in 4H get digbala.

While studying a horoscope, first scan all the houses and their lords. See whether there is a planet in exalted, debilitated, combusted or retrograde state.   Observe the condition of  house lords. It is believed that exalted benefic planet does not give benefic result in his retrograde motion and malefic planet also does not give malefic results in the said condition.  Note Dhan Yoga, Raj Yoga, exchange between houses or other specific thing, if there any in the chart.  For success in the matter, note the Badhakesh and his condition, position etc.  In the running dasha period, if there is involvement of Badhakesh, there should be failure or delay in the related matter.  For moveable sign (in ascendant), Badhakesh is 11L.  For fixed sign  (in ascendant) 9L is Badhakesh and  for  mutable or common sing (in ascendant) 7L is badhakesh.  For study of health, we should consider the Maraka house and its lord and planets placed in Maraka houses.  The dasha period of these planets can be dangerous for the native because a maraca planet give death or death-like situation and grief.  In any horoscope, 2H and 7H are Maraka house and their lords are Markesh.  2h is Maraka house because it is 7th from 8th house and 7 is 12th from the house of aayu i.e 8H. Simultaneously, 7H is  Asta and Lagna is Udaya for a native.  Generally, benefic, if it is a maraca planet, does not act like markesh.  Yes, if there is another planet in association of that subha marakesh, that associated planet will act like markesh planet in reality.  Saturn is unconditional maraca planet.  So, for health point of view there is great need of taking note of dasha of maraca planet including lord of trika and trishaday.

No planet is always operational and ready to give his result.  When dasha of that planet becomes operational and in transit also he agrees then the matter fructifies.  There are various dasa including conditional dasha. Vimshottari Dasa, Ashtottari Dasa, Yogini Dasha, Chara Dasa, Sthira Dasha, Mandook Dasa, Kaalchakra Dasa, Narayana Dasha etc are a few important dashas.  Among them Vimshottari Dasha is most  important & reliable.  Yogini  dasa and Chara  dasa are also correct to some extent.  If any event is shown by Vimshottari, one should confirm the same through Yogini and Chara dasha also.  In Vimshottari dasha period is of 120 years.  Every planet has been assigned some years in a mysterious way.  Venus dasha is of 20 yrs, Saturn 19 yrs, Rahu 18 yrs, Mercury 17 yrs, Jupiter 16 yrs.,  Moon 10 yrs, Mars & Ketu 7 yrs and Sun is of 6 yrs.  Vimshottari Dasha order starts from Ketu.  After Ketu, venus dasha comes and then Sun, Moon, Marsh, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury period comes in the last.  Vimshottari dasha is calculated as per the nakshatra of moon at the time of birth/ event.  This nakshatra lords becomes the first Mahadasha lord in the life of native.  Moon’s degree shows the balance of dasha.  The period of mahadasha is divided into 9 parts.  Which is called antaradasha.  Likewise division of antaradasha (AD) gives pratyantar dasha.  AD & PD show the event to be happened in the recent future. Mahadasha (MD) is in the role of policy maker. It decides broadly about the matter going to fructify in his assigned tenure as per promise in the horoscope.  Antara and Pratyantara are in the role of executing authority.  These executes the dictate of Mahadasha lord. (MDL)  ADL, PDL etc will not give that result which is not permitted by the MDL. The whole period of Dahsa is how much benefic and result oriented, it is to be judged from the strength of planet (as mentioned above).  The axis of MD, AD, PD are also important if they are in 6/8 or 2/12 axis, the dasha period will not be so benefic or fruitful.  Planetary relationship in the natal chart also plays role in this.  Result of LL, 4L, 5L, 9L, 10L, Yogakaraka, Vargottama, Digbali planets are generally good.  Dasha of planets having benefic influence give good results in their periods.  Dasha of Lagnesh and its friendly planets give good result and if they are enemic to the lagnesh, give bad results.  Dasha of that planet who is combusted, debilitated, retrograded, associated with R/K or 6L/ 8L/ 12L is generally not good.  The period of Badhaka planet creats impediments in the success and markesh gives helath problems and death also.

Transit (Gochara):


(to be continued...)

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