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Marriage Compatibility - Horoscope Matching

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In Indian culture marriage is treated as institution. Due to this, in Hindu Astrology there are special techniques to evaluate the all about the marriage and relationship particularly in view of post-marriage lives of couple including longevity relationship. For this purpose, there is practice of horoscope matching through Koota System, in which physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of both partners are assessed which are understood essential for continuity of life long relationship. It is believed that compatibility check may indicate the condition of relationship between wife and husband.

Kootas quantifies the compatibility in relationship. There are eight Kootas (Ashta-Koota) named as Varna -1 point, Vashya – 2 point, Tara-3 point, Yoni-4 point, Graha Maitri – 5 point, Gana - 6 point, Rashi – 7 point, Nadi – 8 point. Each has been assigned gunas/ points in chronological order. The total gunas are 36. More than 18 are understood suitable for marriage.

Varna Koot (1 Point)

It has been assigned one point. Varna means Caste but it is not related to social division in anyway. It shows the ego development of partners. Besides it corresponds with quality and action of partners indicated by sign. There are four kinds of Varna whose grade is in descending order. (1) Brahmin (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces sign) – it indicates sattvic or spiritual nature of partners. (2) Kshatriya (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius sign) – It indicates Rajasic quality of partners. (3) Vaishya (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn sign) – It indicates mixture of Rajasic and Tamasic quality of partners. (4) Shudra (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) – It indicates tamasic quality of partners.

Couples having the same Varna are given one guna/ point. Higher Varna of female should not be matched to a lower Varna of Male. This dosha mismatches the temperaments of bride and groom and shortens grooms life. This dosha get cancelled if sign lord of groom is of higher Varna than the girl. Jupiter and Venus are Brahmins, Sun and Mars are Kshatriya, Moon is Vaishya and Mercury, Saturn is Shudra. This parameter of Kundali Milan indicates ego development between partners.


Ready Reckoner of Varna Koota


         Varna              Brahmin (M)     Kshatriya (M)    Vaishya (M)     Shudra (M)

         Brahmin  (F)              1                          0                           0                      0

         Kshatriya (F)              1                          1                           0                      0

         Vaishya   (F)               1                          1                           1                      0

         Shudra    (F)               1                          1                           1                      1

1 point showss excellent compatibility, mutual respect and understanding between the partners.

While, 0 point indicates average compatibility that may result in misunderstandings and differences of opinion between partners and ups and downs in married life.


Vashya Koot (2 Point)

Literally Vashya means Control.  Through this parameter of Kundali Milan, couple’s controlling power is assessed.  It is indicative of Influence of one on his/er counterpart and showing taking lead role carrying on marital relation.  Actually it shows the harmony level between the couple in the marital commitments.    We may understand ‘Vashya’ term as an element of Attraction also.  Due to mutual attraction couple surrenders to each other which creates very conducive environment for longevity of marriage.  So, Vasya koota is considered to check whether there will be a compatible and dedicated relationship between the couple or not. Let’s find out how vasya koota is used in marriage match making.

This factor contributes a maximum of two points to the chart. Two points are allotted if the bride and the groom belong to the same vashya. The vashyas are simple to calculate and correspond to the whole rashi.


There are five types of classification of Rashis/Moon signs.


1. Chatuspada (Quadruped) - Aries, Taurus, latter half of Sagittarius and first half of Capricorn. The quadruped signs are more sensual and earthy by nature.

2. Nara or Manav (Human) - Gemini, Virgo, Libra and first half of Sagittarius. These are human in their feelings and attractions.

3. Jalachara (Living in water) - Cancer, second half of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, they are more emotional and soft in their behaviour

4. Keeta (Insect) – Scorpio. Insect can hover and not always settle down in a relationship. They want to taste many flowers but may not want to settle down.

5. Vanachara (Wandering in Forests) – Leo.


Ready Reckoner of Vashya Koota

Vashya                      Chatus(M)    nara(M)    Jala(M)    Bana(M)    keeta(M)

Chatushpada(F)                 2                1               1                  0                 1

Manushya(F)                       1                2               1/2              0                  1

Jalachara(F)                       1                1/2            2                 1                  1

Vanachara(F)                      0                 0              1                 2                  0

keeta(F)                                1                 0              1                 0                  2


If the signs of Partners are compatible, the Vashya koota gets 2 points. When there’s an incompatibility and the score is 1. If the vashya is consumable then the score obtained is ½, if the vashya are mutual opponents then the score obtained is 0. A couple’s conjugal accord is determined through vashya.

Tara Koot (3 Point)

Through this parameter of Kundali Milan, couple’s well being, love & affection, health and longevity are seen. In this, boy’s birth star is counted from girl’s birth star and thus obtained figure is divided by 9.  If remainder is even number then it is understood auspicious compatibility.  Likewise, girl’s birth star is counted from boy’s birth star and thus obtained figure is divided by 9.  If remainder is even number then it is understood auspicious compatibility. And, this parameter will grant 3 points.  If even number is obtain in one case and odd number in other case then only 1.5 score will be added.  If in both case only odd number comes, it generates 0 score.

Through positional distance of birth star of partners, it is also assessed that how much both are beneficial to each other.  For this, concept of triad of stars, namely Janam, Sampat, Vipat etc is applied. There are 9 nakshatras that make up each triad. Here compatibility points are generated on the basis of calculations with reference to these nakshatra groups in the horoscope.   3 point indicates that couple will enjoy good health and will auspicious for each other.  1.5 points indicates less quality mentioned in case of 3 point.  0 point shows challenges in the fields indicated by Tara.

Yoni Koot (4 points)

Yoni koota shows specific soul tendencies for emotional involvement or entanglement within sexual relationships, personified as 14 different kinds of animals. This parameter of Kundali Milan is important in view of mutual love & attraction, sexual behavior & inclination.  Good score in this calculation indicates satisfaction level coming from partner in sex performance on appeasing the biological need.  Sexually compatible pairs enjoy the bliss by realizing the esoteric meaning of ‘Kama’ and achieve important purpose of coming on the earth by producing child.


Literally, Yoni means female sexual organ.  In Vedic Astrology sexual compatibility is checked for the purpose of joining the inner Shiva and Shakti within both individuals so this balanced energy may allow Mother Kundalini to rise up the central channel and dance in divine union with Lord Shiva.

This compatibility is assessed on the basis of Nakshatra’s.  Symbolically, every Nakshatra is represented by an animal that has either masculine energy or feminine energy.  Masculine energy is more active and dynamic, while the feminine energy is the passive or receptive. Ideal sexual compatibility is between the male and female of the same species.  For example, Ashwa Male and Ashwa Female are sexually compatible. That is, if one of partner’s birth star is Ashwini and other’s is Shatbhisha, both would be understood as sexually compatible.

Animal                   Male                 Female

Horse                    Ashwini            Shatabhishak

Elephant               Bharani            Revati

Sheep                   Pushya             Krittika

Serpent                 Rohini              Mrigasira

Dog                       Mula                  Ardra

Cat                        Ashwini             Punarvasu

Rat                        Magha               Purva Phalguni

Cow                      U. Phalguni      Uttara Bhadra

Buffalo                 Swati                  Hasta

Deer                     Jyeshta              Anuradha

Monkey                P. Ashadha       Shravana

Lion                      P. Bhadra          Dhanishta

Mongoose          Uttara Ashadha*    


Mongoose (whose birthstar is Uttara Ashadha) has no ideal sexual partner. Such person has to compromise on his sexual happiness. 

Sexual compatibility or non-compatibility


Similar yoni of partners fetches 4 points and indicates excellent compatibility in this aspect of life.  Friendly yoni scores 3 points and indicates above average compatibility.  Neutral yoni gets 2 points and indicates average compatibility.  Inimical yoni obtains 1 point and indicates below average compatibility in this aspect of life and great inimical yoni finds 0 point and indicates lack of related happiness.


The sexual relationships of the following pairs do not run in a smooth way, as they are natural enemies.


1. Cat (Ashlesha and Punarvasu) and Rat (Magha and Purva Phalguni)

2. Cow (Uttara Phalguni and Uttra Bhadrapada) and Tiger( Vishakha and Chitra)

3. Serpent (Rohini and Mrigshira) and Mongoose( Uttara Ashadha)

4. Horse ( Ashwini and Shatabhisha) and Buffalo (Swati and Hasta)

6. Dog (Mula and Ardra) and Hare (Jyeshtha and Anuradha)

6. Monkey (Purva Ashadha and Shravani) and Sheep (Pushya and Kritika)

Graha Maitri Koot (5 points)

This parameter of Kundali Milan shows compatibility in mutual affinity, attitude, response, behaviour, liking, mental state and temperament.  This Koota is checked on the basis of Moon Sign lord in the horoscope of both partner.  As per their friendship, enimity, points are assigned.


Gana Maitri Koot (6 points)

This parameter of Kundali Milan shows behaviour aspects, Temperament etc.  For this purpose, in vedic astrology Nakshatras have been divided in three categories.  Deva, Manab and Rakshasa indicating Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamoguna respectively.  These divisions of Nakshatra may be seen in 'Basic Astrology' Section on this website.  


Ready Reckenor of Gana Maitri


Gana                               Deva (M)    Manav  (M)    Rakshasa (M)

Deva              (F)                    6                       6                      1

Manav           (F)                    5                       6                      0

Rakshasa    (F)                    1                       0                       6


In the avove said ready reckoner, it has been shown that if both partners are of Deva gana or one is of Deva gana and other is of Manav gana, compatibility score will maximum i.e 6.  While in Gana Maitri 5 - 6 points are understood to bring desired result in this aspect of life.  0 - 1 point indicates below average compatibilit.

Bha / Rashi Koot (7 points)

This parameter of Kundali Milan shows emotional compatibility to nurture the marriage relationship.  This koota shows general family welfare and family growth, by the way of health and progeny, financial and professional status.  To assess the Rashi Koota, the relative position of Boy's Moon and Girl's Moon in the horoscopes are checked.  If Moon in both horoscopes happens to be in 2/12, 6/8, or 5/9 axis, compatibility in this aspect of married life is not taken good.  In this case0 point is assigned.  On contrary, 7 points are given that shows excellent result in this sphere.  In the both horoscopes it worthy to note for true emotional compatibility that Moon of the girls should be ahead of the boy’s. so that husband can understand the emotional need of her wife..


Nadi Koota(8 points)

This parameter of Kundali Milan showsoutwardspiritual,  physique, internal metabolism and heriditary factors i.e genes.   It is most important factor of Ashta Koota and carries maximum point i.e. 8.  There are three nadi viz, Aadi, Antya and Madhya Nadi.   While doing horoscope compatibility check, it seen that both partner's nadi are same or different.  It it different, it is well and good.  If ithese are same, it is not recommendable to marry.


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