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Micro Astrology

Micro Astrology - Composite Approach towards the Divine Subject
Micro Astrology gives fascinating insights into the subject of sacred astrology and horoscope study in precise manner to understand the say of destiny factor in human life. God has unique way to reveal destiny. Not to say that destiny is full of complex riddles. This complexity comes from impressions (samskara) of past karmas, emotional bondage, freewill and continuous working of chaos principle in microcosm and macrocosm . To understand this mystery, astrology must be a divine subject and of course, science also for the purpose of systematic study of planetary positions, their inter-relationship or harmony. Since, on spiritual level divinity merges modern scientific aspects so, astrology is pure modern science or not, it is not a question. Definitely, astrology should not be today's science only. If it happens to be so, it will fail in tuning with chaos principle working inside and outside of a native. However, for convenience we may say astrology as a divine science. And there is nothing wrong in it.

Astrologically, if complexity of destiny is required to understand, there is a great need of adopting divine path and sages' scientific approach towards the subject. Indian Vedic Astrology, Nadi System and Lal Kitab, with liquidity and tuning with chaos principle, are based on the theories of subtle energy that follows cosmic principles. And, Cuspal Inter Link (CIL) endeavors to give these systems of astrology a scientific lead in a very structured and demonstrative way for obtaining accuracy in prediction.

Indian Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology and Lal Kitab give a lot of information related to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and goal in life of a native through birth chart reading. For a serious astrologer, CIL paves way to the micro level of zodiacal astrology by giving fascinating insights into the sacred science of astrology to evaluate the promise in the Horoscope (Kundali or Janma patrika or birth chart or astrological chart) and assess future disposition of destiny by observing cusps, signs (rashi) and planets (graha) in the horoscopic matrix.

Cuspal Inter-links horoscope shows the network of apportioned channelized energy in a conscious life of native through cuspal matrix. Cuspal agent functions as a conduit for channelization of energy, its retention and drain. Besides, it is a linking factor between natural zodiac (kaal purusha) and personal zodiac. Cuspal agent interacts with zodiac (which is the storehouse of energy) by itself or through its star (nakshatra) lord on the cross pathway formed as per the zodiacal position of the Cuspal agent (generally employed in Medical Astrology). Cuspal interlinks and KP astrology are Advanced Stellar Astrology. In Cuspal Interlinks (Sub-Sub theory), Sub-Sub is taken as an ultimate division. While in Krishnamurthy Paddhati Sub is the final division. In KP Astrology generally Sub (Kalamsha)Theory is employed under the influence of aspect theory of Western Astrology.

In Indian Astrology there are methodologies for prescribing suitable remedial measures or upay of the planets in the horoscope alongwith propitiation of planets for the purpose. Indian Astrology has never been fatalistic approach rather it encourages native to choose his karma by applying gifted rational force and deal with the given situation got created by destiny on the basis of native's earlier karmas executed by applying freewill. This cycle of choosing and executing Karma goes on and in the course of time it forms Karma Bandhan (Bondage of Karma). To get released from the Karma Bandhan, our great seers have suggested performing Upaya. In the context of Astrology or Destiny or Karma Bandhan, Upaya means skillful way of thwarting the planned result and getting relief or liberation from the Karma Bandhan. Elements of remedial measures or technique of propitiation of planets in Indian astrology systems emphasize the importance of freewill in life.

So, as far as remedies recommendation is concerned, it is quite technical. Tantra, Mantra, Yantra etc are outcome of superb technical exploration of our seers. These work by getting attuned with subtle spiritual energies that helps in protecting the performer from inharmonious electromagnetic forces or unfavourable situation. In modern time people are found not much comfortable with performing spiritual remedies and learning the technique of reciting Mantra, performing Yajna, activating Yantra etc. In such condition, astrologer has great responsibility of making these remedies convenient and adoptable. An experienced astrologer helps native in these (for getting released from detention under the law of karma) and on factoring native's basic traits, inclination, orientation, skill, intelligence etc, he indicates also about the success in performing a chosen karma.
Apparently an astrologer, filled with spiritual elements, has to work sincerely on micro as well as macro level to analyze the true horoscope i.e. birth chart or natal chart or horary chart for predictive astrology purpose. Only then, he may become able to give accurate future prediction. An expert astrologer considers on all facets in true horoscope with composite approach for arriving to the stage of correct & accurate predictions. However,it is also a believed fact that there are three types of knowledge (A) that is known (B) that can be known and (C) that can not be known. It is limitation of an astrologer to use Astrology upto that extent which is within 'A' and 'B' type of knowledge. Scientific aspect of astrology tells the things happening under the scheme of these 'A' & 'B' type. The 'C' type of knowledge is beyond the reach of the mankind. It is God only who knows it and He has unique way to manifest the things under this type. Never will the day come when mankind is able to know the 'C' type of knowledge and, if, by continuous mammoth effort, human being comes to know it, that day will be the last day of either the Mankind or the Nature.

So, excluding 'C' type of knowledge, astrologically, if true predictions are possible with fair degree of accuracy using logical derivations and scientific techniques, relating to an individual, certainly it would be called as True Astrology. Micro Astrology comes on this parameter.
"Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it. Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and the planets in relation to the terrestrial. In turn, astrology reinforces this power to some extent. This is why astrology is like a life-giving elixir to mankind". - Einstein
Astrozen Speak
Sir's predictions are amazingly accurate. I mistakenly transferred a big amount into his account while doing online payments to someone. He immediately helped me and transferred the money back into my account. This was the point from where the trust built upon. He helped in my crisis period and his remedies reduced down the tough time into smooth ones. Rremedies helped me in my professional and personal matters. His predictions were so accurate for my family member's as well. Mr. Kumar's knowledge of astrology is at par and he is a noble soul who helps you in best possible way. Thank you so much Sir, I feel lucky to have you.
Dear Sh. B.K.Kumar, I appreciate your sense of ownership and belongingness with which you have handled my problem. I am myself an astrologer and learning since more than last 20 years. I am deeply impressed with your micro-analyzing capability, your knowledge base which contains much diversity & comprehension and also your sensitivity towards human sufferings.
[ T.R.ARORA, Chief Engineer, Mumbai]

Hi, my web astrologer your online astrology services are superb.
[Miro, Indonesia]
Congratulation! Mr. B.K.Kumar, job prediction, done by you, came true. I got Job in the last month.
[ J.P. Singh, Singapore]

Sir, despite your sincere advice for not investing money in Share Market, I invested. And consequence was before me. Sensex continued to fall. I was repenting and thinking why i did not follow your advice. Now i feel relieved Sensex is going up. I hope in future you will again advice me.
[Sanjeev Jha, Jamnagar]
Great competitive exam prediction! I cracked CAT for MBA.
[Kamal, Bhopal]

I'm very much delighted to get your accurate future prediction services on net at one click.
[Ganesha Narang, USA]

I liked study materials on Indian Vedic Jyotish Marriage, Nadi and Inter Cuspal Link.
[Pawan Sinha, Bhagalpur, Bihar]
Very helpful astrology website. All popular systems of astrology have been brought together including Vedicastrology.
[Sulekha Kaushik, Ghaziabad]

I liked Astrological analysis on my marital life Very similar. ThanQ Mr. B.K. Kumar, Indian Vedic Astrologer.
[Sebestin Hawk, Australia]
I express my heartiest congratulation to you sir. My son made grade in the Board Exam.
[Mohini , Bangaore]

Sir I shall be always gratful for correcting my birthtime upto seconds level.
[Deepak Kapoor, Ludhiana]

Sir, your accurate prediction proves that astrology is true.
[Amar Singh, Patna]
Got promotion expectedly! I am quite thankful for making such nice career prediction for promotion in job.
[M.P. Goyal, Jaipur]

As per your house-purchase-prediction, really a lot of problems came.
[Vaibhav, Ahmedabad]

Impressive & reliable Predictive Astrology!
[Rossita, Newzeland]
Sh. B.K. Kumar Ji your sincere effort will glorify the predictive destiny science worldwide.
[ Shanker Mishra, NOIDA]

Sir, you were right. My lover was not reliable person. He deceived me and married with other girl.
[Neha, Pune]
Thanks Mr. B.K. Kumar, Astrologer. I got the business contract after your astrological guidance. Good business prediction.
[P.M. Thanvi, Ireland]

Sir, your prediction related to my baby birth came true. God has blessed me with a male child.
[Ritu Batra, California]
Sir i did astrological upaay what you had told. I feel better and gaining my health again.
[ D.K. Srivastava, Allahabad]

Just wanted to inform u that i have got a good job ... this wouldn't have been possible without ur guidance n blessings
[Sandeep, B'lore]
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